Success Magazine

Publisher Darren Hardy interviews Colette to better understand how to leverage your language when communicating with the opposite sex.

Working Mother

In her monthly column, CEO and Founder Carol Evans discusses the takeaways Colette delivered during her program on Balance for Working Mother Media.

Riches: The 7 Secrets of Wealth You Were Never Told

The just released motivational film, RICHES – The 7 Secrets of Wealth you were never told explains the common threads, the wealth secrets which have run through the lives of the people throughout history who have achieved great wealth. Along with Colette Carlson, other featured contributors include T. Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, Dr. John Demartini, Loral Langemeier, Gill Fielding, Marie Diamond and others.

Pass It On

Groundbreaking motivational film PASS IT ON . For the first time EVER, a diverse line-up of modern-day masters collaborate in a feature length film to share the blueprints for optimal success that elevated them to the top of their fields including Colette Carlson, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitley, Evander Holyfield, Ken Norton and Olympian Ruben Gonzalez.

Made for Success Series on the TSTN (The Success Training Network) site.

On Made for Success, host Chris Widener takes you behind the scenes to get to know the person behind the personality. In this episode, Chris introduces you to Colette Carlson.

Jim Rohn

As only one of three women, Colette was featured in Jim Rohn’s tribute video along with Tony Robbins, Dennis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Harvey McKay, Darren Hardy, Kyle Wilson, Chris Widener and others.

The Women’s Information Network

As show host of “The Confident Communicator,” Colette inspires you to close the gap between what you want and what you have, what you say and what you feel, and what you think and what you do, as well as, providing everyday examples and practical tools that you can put to work immediately.

Personal Development

Colette’s article, Speak Your Truth, provides the process required for authentic, heart-felt communication in both your personal and professional life.

Women’s Media

Featured articles written by Colette can be found on this site.Read More »

NBC News 4 at 4

Colette was the guest on Tucson’s afternoon news show talking about how to stress less and laugh more!Read More »

Business Management Daily

Colette’s monthly column, “Tactfully Speaking,” shows readers how to get what they want — in and out of the workplace — by communicating assertively.Read More »

Radio Shows

Women Radio

Deborah Dachinger interviews Colette Carlson on her show, Dare to DreamRead More »

Lotus FM

Radio Interview with Lotus FM (SABC) DJ, Rakesh Ramdhin in Durban, South Africa


Ardice Farrow interviews Colette Carlson regarding movie “Pass It On, Share the WISH”. Millionaire Mentor with LuAn Mitchell Halter

Speak Up!

Pat Lynch, Host of Speak up! Interviews Colette Carlson on Speaking Your Truth To Achieve Success.

Celebrating Your Potential! – Internet Broadcast, Big

Host Revvell P. Revati discusses Speaking Your Truth with Motivational Speaker Colette Carlson. Smart Thinking, Smart Talking Women