Stress Less: You Management vs. Time Management




(MP3 Instant Download – 63 minutes)

Laugh out-loud with Colette as she tackles heads-on  The Truth About Stress
Discover how to:
1.  Take back your life and love it
2.  Manage expectations and employ the magic of “NO”!
3.  Stop pushing the guilt button or letting it get pushed by others
4.  Break the cycle of being at the bottom of your own “to do” list
5.  Lower your stress by asking for what you want  (vs. hoping they will get the message)

Accenture, June M. Dinitz, US Retain Talent
Your program, The Truth About Balance, was a wonderful experience – full of humor and useful tools. Attendees feel patted on the back for their individual progress, and leave with practical guidance for how to achieve more, sometimes by doing less!”

Working Mother Media
Janet Wigfield,
Director of Programming
“Your Keynote, The Truth about Balance, was very well received at our Working Mother Balance Seekers Event. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being “excellent,” you scored a 4.9 – making you the highest rated speaker of the day!”

Executive Women’s Network 2007 National Conference
Kimberly Renee,
Executive Vice President
“Your participation on the work/life balance panel along with Carol Evans, CEO of Working Mother Magazine and Rayona Sharpnack, founder of the Institute for Women’s Leadership provided a well-rounded discussion full of humorous, yet practical advice on how to manage the demands of both work and motherhood. “