Human Behavior Expert and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

People don’t connect with who you THINK you are. They connect with the IMPACT you have on them. In a world filled with uncertainty, new technology, health concerns, and constant change, use the power of connection and communication to:

  • Increase retention, collaboration and sales
  • Decrease conflict, stress and isolation
  • Maximize relationships, revenue and results
  • Earn trust, respect and loyalty from your teams and colleagues
  • Drive positive change in your organization

At the heart of every sale, every interaction between a leader and a team member, every conversation with a customer… is a CONNECTION. How to make those connections effective, and leverage them for greater success is the thread woven into every one of Colette’s interactive, engaging presentations.

Many Communicate, Few Connect.

Her programs are so personalized, attendees often assume Colette is one of them. She has the outstanding ability to connect emotionally through captivating content, laugh-out-loud humor, and extensive customization.

With a master’s in human behavior and twenty years of experience helping individuals change behaviors that impact their success, Colette understands the psychology, mindset and skills required to thrive during times of uncertainty, ambiguity and stress. She excels at developing leaders’ social-emotional intelligence creating empathetic, inclusive environments where teams flourish.

If you are looking for an award-winning, funny motivational speaker that can also deliver solid content in a way that evokes change and produces results, then connect with Michelle Joyce, Director of Events, at 704-965-2339.

Colette’s Keynotes & Virtual Presentations

Given the volume of online team meetings required in today’s business landscape, attendees need and deserve programs that stand out and above the noise. They need to know that their speaker did their homework and truly understands them, their challenges and will provide immediate solutions. For this reason, event professionals and companies like Boeing, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft trust Colette with their audience.

Colette's Blog

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