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Networking at the Holiday Party

Dear Colette, I’m determined to advance my career in 2016 which requires changing positions. Fortunately, I’m also attending numerous holiday parties and plan to use my network to get the word out. There will also be a few individuals in attendance I don’t know, but would like to approach. Any advice? -On the Move Dear…

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It’s not my job!

Dear Colette, I’m at my wit’s end with my position. As others in my office have been let go due to decreasing budgets, my workload increases. I understand the situation and have taken more on without complaint. Yet, other managers within the office often come to me asking for support as well. I know better…

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Helping a Business Competitor

Dear Colette, I have been asked by my sister and her friend to help them launch the same type of business I own. They want me to share every last detail and best practice I’ve worked years to perfect. I am VERY conflicted because I do not want to be unhelpful, yet if I do,…

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Frustrated Project Manager

Dear Colette,   I’ve been asked to manage a low-priority, on-going project amongst my colleagues. Having been a team member on other projects, I’ve overheard the grumbling when a project manager assigns tasks to the team. Therefore, I decided to take a different approach in hopes of getting the team to enjoy the project more.…

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Excuse-Making Colleague

Dear Colette, I’m part of a project team and one person in particular does not carry his load. Fun guy, but doesn’t follow through. The way our system is structured, our team is accountable to one another without any direct supervision. Rumblings amongst the team are common, but no one is willing to step up…

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Poor Performance Appraisal

Dear Colette, After working for the same boss for 9 years I got a new boss this past March. Old boss is in his early 60’s (same as me) and my new boss is 35. At review time this June, I did not get a raise or a bonus that I have always had every…

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Participation on a Project

Dear Colette, Thank you for all of your insight, thoughts and suggestions during your program at my industry conference. I’m inspired and understand the potential that lies within me, and I’m ready to take the next steps. I now recognize key areas where I should be focusing my energy and participation, and unfortunately it’s a…

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Time Sensitive Volunteer

Dear Colette, As a volunteer for a community group, I’m frustrated with our monthly meetings and looking for help. Technically, I’m not supervising the individuals I work with on my particular project, but we are all responsible for getting monthly updates and insights in our particular area from one another. One person in particular, rather…

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Gen Y vs. Boomers

Dear Colette, I work in an office that has a large generational gap and most of the “in office” staff is female. More than once this has led to ruffled feathers and confrontation, usually on a more personal side. More and more, however, I am noticing the younger staff turning to other young members of…

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