“Any team who wants to increase their skills to become more effective and productive will benefit from Colette’s presentation. We couldn’t have asked for a more energetic, entertaining and informative speaker!“

– PROCTER & GAMBLE BEAUTY, Katie Alles, Team Event Coordinator

The Language of Leadership

Successful leaders understand the nuances in communication that make a big difference when inspiring action and cooperation. Leaders know the power of their words and understand that words alone do not generate trust, allegiance and loyalty. A leader must be authentic and exhibit the behaviors conveyed in their message to maintain respect for their authority. Advance your communication style, increase your credibility, earn respect, and gain support by learning how to:

  • Communicate with candor and clarity to guide your team to achieve remarkable results
  • Develop phrases that dissolve conflict and inspire cooperation
  • Engage, persuade and influence others through strategic storytelling
  • Exhibit integrity and build trust when you walk your talk (especially under pressure!)
  • Become a human highlighter who champions the accomplishments and strengths of every individual on your team

*This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, break-out session or full-day program

“Feedback from our executive leaders, attendees and participants was extremely positive! We would highly recommend Colette as a speaker for your event.”

– COSTCO Wholesale, Ginnie Roeglin, Senior Vice President

Why Choose This Program?

  • Employees stay more engaged in work environments with sincere communication and clear expectations. After attending a program with Colette, your organization will benefit from managers who received the tools to lead and employees who are motivated to succeed.
  • Colette’s programs act as a mini coaching session: blending the theoretical with the practical, sound research with qualitative reasoning, objective insights with descriptive applications. Individuals walk away with easily assimilated action steps to triumph.

Leadership is not a job title, it’s a state of mind. Liberate the leader inside whether you are an executive, a manager, a supervisor, a team leader, a committee member or even a parent to foster healthy communication to build trust, decrease conflict and increase productivity.