“Any team who wants to increase their skills to become more effective and productive will benefit from Colette’s presentation. We couldn’t have asked for a more energetic, entertaining and informative speaker!“

– PROCTER & GAMBLE BEAUTY, Katie Alles, Team Event Coordinator

The Connected Leader

Successful, effective leaders recognize the need to authentically connect on a human level, whether virtually or in-person, to create influence and impact. Connected leaders model courageous behaviors that create a culture of clarity, transparency, inclusion, and accountability, even in the most challenging times. In this engaging, uplifting, and research-based program, attendees will master their ability to communicate and connect on deeper levels, creating an environment where people thrive.

In a digitally-distracted, constantly-changing world, become a Connected Leader to:

  • Drive positive change through intentional and impactful communication, thoughtful questions, and empathetic listening
  • Earn trust, respect, and loyalty from your teams and colleagues
  • Learn specific communication techniques that will inspire action and cooperation, address conflict, and extract more value and productivity from your teams
  • Seek and encourage healthy feedback
  • Create a culture of open communication where people connect, grow, and flourish

*This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, break-out session or full-day program

“Feedback from our executive leaders, attendees and participants was extremely positive! We would highly recommend Colette as a speaker for your event.”

– COSTCO Wholesale, Ginnie Roeglin, Senior Vice President

Why Choose This Program?

  • Employees stay more engaged in work environments with sincere communication and clear expectations. After attending a program with Colette, your organization will benefit from managers who received the tools to lead and employees who are motivated to succeed.
  • Colette’s programs act as a mini coaching session: blending the theoretical with the practical, sound research with qualitative reasoning, objective insights with descriptive applications. Individuals walk away with easily assimilated action steps to triumph.

Leadership is not a job title, it’s a state of mind. Liberate the leader inside whether you are an executive, a manager, a supervisor, a team leader, a committee member or even a parent to foster healthy communication to build trust, decrease conflict and increase productivity.