Virtual Programs to Adapt, Lead and Succeed in the “Next” Normal!

Are you looking for fresh, interactive, customized content delivered in a FUN way that provides an ROI for your team meetings, conferences or events? 

Look no further! Colette’s powerful programs on the power of connection, as it applies to leadership, change, communication, sales and stress, have NEVER been more important than now! She brings her energy, expertise and engagement online to eliminate the typical snoring, boring virtual programs. Instead, attendees leave wanting more and prepared to take action as a result of her collaborative activities, games, quizzes, polls, and incredible wit wrapped in relevant content.

With a master’s in human behavior and twenty years of experience helping individuals change behaviors that impact their success, Colette understands the psychology, mindset and skills required to thrive during times of uncertainty, ambiguity and stress. She excels at developing leaders’ social-emotional intelligence creating empathetic, inclusive environments where teams flourish.

From the top leadership to the front line employee, Colette’s inspiring messages loaded with practical takeaway tools, will help you and your teams adapt, adjust and adopt new behaviors to succeed in the “next” normal! Give us a call today to discuss how Colette can customize an outstanding program for your audience.

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Colette’s Virtual Programs

All of Colette’s power packed programs can be adapted for a virtual audience.
Below are a few additional offerings specific to today’s challenging landscape:

YOU Management: Staying Focused & Positive Through Change, Adversity & Uncertainty

The pressure and decision fatigue leaders and teams face today through grief, quarantines, travel restrictions, remote work (with children underfoot), isolation, financial loss and more is unprecedented and exhausting. The rapid pace of change and lack of certainty moving forward only adds to both leaders and teams feeling a lack of control. This overwhelming sense can increase stress, worry, and anxiety. Enough! It is time for YOU Management! Join Colette in this virtual presentation, based in behavioral science, as she provides the tools necessary to support you in staying strong, focused and effective in an environment riddled with ambiguity.

In this virtual presentation, designed for leaders and teams working remotely, Colette provides specific tools to stay present, positive and connected to achieve their happiest, healthiest, highest potential.

The Connected Leader: 3 Keys to Communicating and Connecting in Turbulent Times

The common denominators of the most successful leaders are the ability to effectively communicate and connect, regardless of the situation or audience. Although this statement holds true, the magnitude of unprecedented change and challenges happening in today’s workforce leaves most leaders overwhelmed and operating without a rulebook. Join Colette, in this virtual presentation designed for leaders with remote, hybrid or in-person teams. You will walk away with specific strategies to connect and communicate with your teams during tough times, resulting in increased trust, loyalty, engagement, and productivity.

In this virtual presentation, designed for leaders and teams working remotely, Colette provides specific techniques to connect and communicate on a deeper level to form crucial relationships that drive productivity, engagement, and collaboration.