“Colette delivered her keynote address at our National Sales Meeting. I have hosted and attended sales meetings for over three decades, and her presentation was the best! Colette was able to connect with our Account Executives on an entirely different level than other keynote speakers with ALL in attendance feeling that Colette was talking directly to them. This connection was the result of Colette working directly with me and others within our organization prior to understand our culture, sales strategy, differentiators and customers. Colette was able to seamlessly incorporate many of these points into her keynote. I would highly recommend her as a keynote speaker for your next sales meeting.”


Connected Conversations

Essential skills to increase engagement, build trust, and deepen relationships

To build relationships that close sales and earn customers, you must first make a connection. In today’s selling environment, where trust has become more fragile, the ability to quickly connect and captivate is paramount.

The way in which sales are made today has drastically changed. Salespeople must humanize and customize their communications, show up prepared, and demonstrate empathy to build an emotional connection.

In this engaging, research-based program, learn how to adopt the skillset and mindset to cultivate authentic relationships and partnerships that lead to increased sales, repeat customers, and powerful referrals.

As a former national sales trainer, who cut her teeth in straight commission sales, Colette will provide practical, actionable strategies to maximize relationships, revenue, and results.

Customized for each audience and their unique objectives, attendees will learn how to:

  • Stop transacting and start connecting to build deeper, richer relationships
  • Deliver a personal experience in all communications allowing your customer to feel seen, heard, and valued
  • Ask deeper, richer questions to identify the customer’s needs and challenges
  • Listen empathetically to create a collaborative environment conducive to problem-solving
  • Demonstrate value and gain emotional connection through the power of story
  • Leverage your physical and digital body language to clearly communicate and build trust

“Colette provided a keynote speech to our organization (AIMSE) at our 42nd annual conference to an audience of more than 350 investors, investment consultants and sales and marketing professionals. She inspired us with her message of connecting more and transacting less. Colette helped us to see the power of questions, listening and engaging with our clients to help them meet their objectives. She spent many hours speaking with the conference chairs and members in advance to understand our lingo, the day-in-the-life, and how we wanted to hone her message for our audience and event. She is a true professional and gifted speaker, delivering her message with hope and humor, poise and grace. I recommend her highly, she is a terrific person.”


Change is inevitable. Therefore, you consistently need to arm your team with tools that enable them to perform in a constant and ever-changing marketplace. Boost your sales team’s productivity, enthusiasm and bottom line. Schedule a customized program for your teams today.