“You were stellar – a perfect way to end the event on a high note! You did a great job reinforcing what we teach in-house with a fresh voice and perspective, plus new strategies such as sticky stories and more!”

– State Training Coordinator – AFLAC

Sincere Selling: Stop Transacting, Start Connecting

In order to make a sale and earn a customer, you must first make a connection. In today’s virtual selling environment with shorter meetings and distracted customers, the ability to quickly connect and captivate is paramount. In this engaging, research-based program, learn how to adopt a sincere selling mindset to cultivate authentic relationships that lead to increased sales, repeat customers, and powerful referrals. As a former national sales trainer, who cut her teeth in straight commission sales, Colette will show you how to up your personal connection quotient to maximize relationships, revenue, and results by learning how to:

  • Awaken your awareness to maximize your emotional connection
  • Ask deeper, richer questions to identify customer pain points
  • Listen empathetically to create a collaborative environment conducive to problem-solving
  • Align your thoughts, words, and actions to build trust
  • Demonstrate value and gain emotional buy-in through effective storytelling

*This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, break-out session or full-day program

“From the moment you stepped on stage at our annual sales meeting, you grabbed the audience’s attention and kept it the entire time. You took the time to learn our business, even down to common language. Pleased to see the standing ovation from the crowd!”

– Director of Training & Merchandising – ETCETERA

“Colette took the necessary time up front to understand our organization in order to customize her presentation and connect with our team. Evaluations by participants commented on her humor, professionalism and enthusiasm that brought the material to life!”

– Sales & Professional Development Trainer – MERCK

Why Choose This Program?

“Sincere Selling” helps entrepreneurs, sales representatives and network marketers save time, money and headaches by teaching them how to cultivate connections that count and ASK for what they need to succeed without offending a soul. It is a motivational, honest, back-to-the-basics program that leaves attendees inspired to work smarter. Customized material based on interviews and field time enhances your team’s willingness to implement ideas immediately.

Change is inevitable. Therefore, you consistently need to arm your team with tools that enable them to perform in a constant and ever changing marketplace. Boost your sales team’s productivity, enthusiasm and bottom line. Schedule “Sincere Selling” customized for your teams today.