“The team raved about the wellness keynote presentation from Colette at our Annual Celebration of Employees.The response to her presentation was ‘best speaker we have had,’ ‘entertaining and engaging,’ ‘that was exactly the message I needed to hear.’ Overall feedback was on how timely her message was and how much it resonated with the entire team. We are so very fortunate to have had Colette at our event. Based on the response, I would not hesitate to recommend her to any audience!”

– MISSION FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, Sr Vice President, Talent & Culture

Workplace Wellness

Strategies to build resilience, beat burnout, and accelerate performance

Given the volume of change, uncertainty, and relentless pressure in today’s modern workplace, it’s time to take employee health seriously.

We need to grow beyond the outdated concept of work-life balance, or that self-care is a day off or a bubble bath. More importantly, we must move past the belief that exhaustion is a requirement of success.

The digital environment collapsed the boundaries between work and home, leaving people juggling opposing demands for time, energy, and attention – while others experience isolation and disconnection. And levels of stress and burnout for every title and role are only intensifying.

Without the strategies and support to manage these situations and emotions, even the most-resilient individuals can experience chronic stress, anxiety, or burnout. When left untreated, these feelings impact motivation, engagement, and productivity.

In this program, Colette shares practical, powerful, science-based strategies to remain resilient, create a healthier workplace; and accelerate performance during the most challenging of circumstances.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Control the controllables to preempt worry, stress, and emotional exhaustion
  • Implement science-backed steps to master your mindset, increasing mental toughness and emotional regulation
  • Reprioritize well-being. The relationship you have with yourself, and how you take care of yourself, affects all your relationships and your work.
  • Create healthy boundaries through intentional rituals to stay focused, present, and productive
  • Ask for and create the support you need to perform at your best and improve your quality of life

“I saw Colette speak about managing stress and immediately recommended her to my entire organization given her entertaining and informative style. Her high-energy enthusiasm, scientific background, and care for people make Colette shine and enthrall her audience. My organization loved the practicality and diversity of Colette’s suggestions; there is truly something for everyone in her presentation. I cannot recommend Colette enough!”

– A&W, Director, Employee Experience

“Rarely do I sit in front of a speaker and time disappears and I lose attention of all things around me becoming deeply engrossed in the moment. Occasionally I take notes but never like this. I scribbled notes non-stop for an hour. After Colette finished speaking all I could think about is I need to take a personal inventory of myself, some of my habits, my way of approaching people and issues, and reevaluate some frozen perceptions of why I do what I do. Colette captured, and I mean captured, our team’s attention and met them right where they were at. When the keynote speaker is the main topic at breakfast the next day you know you nailed it. She was funny, intelligent, on point, captivating and relevant. We did not expect this level of engagement and we were not disappointed. Thank you again, Colette!”

– HOPDODDY BURGER BAR, Chief Operating Officer

The bottom line: Stress kills. Work-life balance is dead. It’s time to face the truth and employ do-able strategies to take back control of your life to gain focus, energy and sustain healthy relationships.

“I felt like she was talking to ME! It not only helped at work, but in my daily life. It was wonderful and refreshing.”

– Scripps – 7th Annual Oncology Nursing Conference