Do Your Rituals Serve or Sabotage You?

Whether your caregivers read you a nightly bedtime story or your work team regularly meditates before a meeting, you experienced the power of rituals. These small, repetitive acts can shape our behavior and shift our emotions. Rituals can produce big benefits in lowering stress and anxiety, increasing our enjoyment of an activity, building healthy habits…

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5 Strategies to Leverage Your Professional, Digital Connections

When was it that people first started to chat about their digital connections? I’m sure Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn would know. LinkedIn was founded around December of 2002 and, for those of you who are internet historians you might already know it officially came on the scene almost two years before Facebook. Though…

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Why Empathetic Leaders Must Read Fiction

Empathy, the necessary human trait of having the ability to share in the feeling of others, is declining in our society. Things have gotten worse, since the article above was published. There are numerous studies on the topic and, of those who care, fingers seem to be pointing to social media, cable news, reality TV…

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How to leave a meeting early

How to Politely Leave a Meeting Early

Would it surprise you to learn my Google Analytics report shows my most searched for blog continues to be “phraseology to leave a meeting early”? And this particular blog was written pre-pandemic! Given the increased volume of meetings now sucking up your time, I felt it best to revisit and update my advice. First of…

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Extroverts…Listen Up!

Have you ever heard of an ambivert? No, it isn’t a West Texas animal or a driverless vehicle. An ambivert (and I confess to being one) is, by definition, “a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.” People assume that because I am a keynote speaker I spend my life dancing,…

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Psychological Safety

5 Strategies to Create a Culture of Psychological Safety

Can you recall a time at work you hesitated to share your thoughts, opinions or truth out of concern for possible embarrassment, rejection or even punishment? Unsafe environments prevent individuals from showing up as themselves, asking questions, raising issues, taking risks or disagreeing. These unhealthy workplaces lower innovation, engagement and productivity, as well as, increasing…

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5 Ways to Create Boundaries (to Avoid Workplace Burnout)

Feeling burned-out? Fried? Crispy? Well-done and over it? Already planning your next weekend on Monday morning at 8:02 a.m.? Oh, that’s right…I forgot. Someone already scheduled their mandatory Monday team meeting for 6:45 a.m. before the 8:00 a.m. staff meeting so your plans will have to wait. Am I being flippant? According to recent employee…

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5 Key Trends Leaders and Teams Must Embrace

Has it only been two years? Pretty much. In that time, we have changed the way we meet, the way we communicate, the way we schedule, our work culture and in the process our work mindsets. The whirlwind brought to us by an infinitesimally small viral particle has changed us as leaders and employees. No…

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The Power of Progress, Not Perfection

As we embrace a New Year filled with lists, promises, or one-word themes, I need to remind all of us that no matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect. We will never be “done.” We are a work in progress. Any self-directed changes we make don’t happen overnight, but over time. Rome…

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