How to Thrive in the Ever-Changing Hybrid Work Model

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” — Gail Sheehy The pandemic changed our world overnight demanding agility, flexibility and innovation on every level. Businesses, leaders and teams adjusted to survive, leaving individuals to work from their kitchen table or a bedroom corner. Now that we’re almost…

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Remote Team

5 Ways to Motivate a Remote Team

As I sat down to write this article, a dated song danced its way into my mind: The Police singing “Message in a Bottle,” with the famous lyric, Sending out an SOS. Well, sure, it’s a love song, but as a business leader don’t you love your employees? Don’t you want to better connect with…

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Why Leaders Must Choose Compassion Over Empathy

As a keynote speaker on the topics of leadership, connection, resilience, and relationships, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about empathy versus compassion over the past year. In fact, in my virtual presentations on personal connection, I quickly became aware of the buzzwords associated with the COVID-19 lockdown; authenticity, mindfulness, empathy and compassion.…

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7 Communication Strategies for Virtual Meetings

Real estate agents know property value is all about location, location, location. Connected leaders, savvy team members, and salespeople know professional success is all about communication, communication, communication. The recent pandemic has forced our hand to rely on technology over in-person meetings, events or conferences. To continue to connect, inform, and inspire others, everyone must…

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Now is the Time to Take Control…Or Let It Go!

Quarantines, travel restrictions, remote work (with children underfoot), isolation, and financial loss due to cancellations, reduced hours, or the stock market all contribute to individuals feeling a lack of control. A lack of control increases stress, worry, and anxiety because you feel you don’t have the resources to handle what’s in front of you –…

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The Absolute Best Way to Ask For and Receive Actionable Feedback

Have you ever worked with someone who couldn’t benefit from gaining advice on their career? How about gaining awareness of a behavior that’s getting in their way? I didn’t think so. Why then is it so difficult to both ask for and receive quality feedback? Although people say they want to learn and grow, everyone…

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How to Create Cohesive Teams

Connection is the glue that keeps relationships, projects, and organizations together, which is why leaders and teams often look for opportunities to strengthen bonds in the form of internal events and outside activities. Research supports that teams who play together have a better chance of staying together. Experiencing the person behind the position leads to…

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Connected Leaders Get Their ASK in Gear!

Leaders encourage new team members to ask clarifying questions surrounding a project, protocol or procedure.  Connected leaders take it one step further and reassure individuals to reach out for support or help when needed. Yet, too many individuals still hesitate asking for what they need to succeed demanding that leaders change their approach. According to…

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