The Fortune is In the Follow-Up: 3 Keys to Staying Connected

The fortune is in the follow-up is a line I’ve both heard and repeated many times coming from a sales background. And it’s true. Research shows it’s more effective to work with a client you’ve already established a relationship with, rather than go after new business. But I’m not just talking about business when I speak…

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Are You Truly Celebrating the Season?

2022 brought uncertainty, inflation, supply-chain shortages, bigotry, uncomfortable change and all too often, vitriol. The demands on everyone’s time only seemed to increase causing many to look for greener pastures, others to skate by and even fewer to draw boundaries. Yet, even with all of the post-Covid, inflation-ridden, uncertain drama, I hope you still are…

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5 Strategies to Leverage Your Professional, Digital Connections

When was it that people first started to chat about their digital connections? I’m sure Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn would know. LinkedIn was founded around December of 2002 and, for those of you who are internet historians you might already know it officially came on the scene almost two years before Facebook. Though…

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3 Steps to Become Interconnected in our Disconnected World

“Life is mostly froth and bubbles, Two things stand like stone, Kindness in another’s trouble, Courage in your own.” — Emma Burstall, Bestselling Author Bubbles. They have fascinated us since we were babies. In fact, my heart fills when with joy when I think of the day I took my own daughters to the children’s museum…

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Remote Team

5 Ways to Motivate a Remote Team

As I sat down to write this article, a dated song danced its way into my mind: The Police singing “Message in a Bottle,” with the famous lyric, Sending out an SOS. Well, sure, it’s a love song, but as a business leader don’t you love your employees? Don’t you want to better connect with…

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Why Leaders Must Choose Compassion Over Empathy

As a keynote speaker on the topics of leadership, connection, resilience, and relationships, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about empathy versus compassion over the past year. In fact, in my virtual presentations on personal connection, I quickly became aware of the buzzwords associated with the COVID-19 lockdown; authenticity, mindfulness, empathy and compassion.…

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The Absolute Best Way to Ask For and Receive Actionable Feedback

Have you ever worked with someone who couldn’t benefit from gaining advice on their career? How about gaining awareness of a behavior that’s getting in their way? I didn’t think so. Why then is it so difficult to both ask for and receive quality feedback? Although people say they want to learn and grow, everyone…

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7 Speaking Strategies to Build Confidence and Connection

The woman in the royal blue jacket sitting in the front row gasped when she heard my next request. “One at a time, please walk to the front of the room, plant your feet, smile, and say both your name and where you work.” Easy, right? Simply stating your name and employer information doesn’t require…

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